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Download xfig tools

The xfig tools presented on the other xfig pages are collected here for download.


11/19/2006 New version 1.1.2 of fig2mpdf
Bugfix: In the case the current directory isn't included in the PATH environment the script created by fig2dev couldn't been executed.
11/07/2006 New version 1.2 of the package
Prepared everything for including this software in the debian distribution of linux.
New patch version for fig2dev-3.2.5 including the documentation in the man page. New fig2dev binary in the version 3.2.5. New copyright note.
08/19/2006 New version 1.1.1 of fig2mpdf
Switched to the ifpdf LaTeX package because newer tetex distributions are using pdflatex for dvi creation.
08/11/2006 New version 1.1 of fig2mpdf
Bugfix to get the script running (sorry for that type of fault). Added a new option to set a minimal gap width between used depths to split figure. For more information see the enclosed man page of the package.


contents of:
copyright.txt1.0entire packageCopyright note
gpl.txt2entire packageGNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
fig2mpdf1.1.2fig2mpdftool for creating overlayable documents
fig2mpdf.11.1fig2mpdfman page for the fig2mpdf tool
transfig.3.2.5-alpha7.patch1.0fig2devpatch file for transfig-3.2.5-alpha7 version
transfig.3.2.4.patch1.0fig2devpatch file for transfig 3.2.4 version
fig2dev1.0fig2devi386 binary of fig2dev version 3.2.5-alpha7