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Michael Pfeiffer
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SEPA, Single Euro Payments Area

General Description

For associations or clubs it's often hard to do the accounting job without supporting software. The here provided tool creates so called pain xml files which can be uploaded to the bank in it's online portal.

One pain file can contain one or more either bank or debit transfers. The source of the data is maintained in text files which are converted by the provided tool sepa. Especially the debit transfers are challenging because the are depending on mandates which are issued by the debitors. In the case of repeating debit transfers this tool maintains the bank details for each debitor. If the bank details are changing for one debitor the tool warns and asks you to produce more than one pain file if necessary.

For further information have a look in the man pages in this section.


This sample shows the procedure of a debit transfer with just one debitor. As source the following contents of the input file is used:
  Art	      DDCORE
  Referenz    DE11ZZZ00000112233
  Name        Karl Max Mustermann
  IBAN        DE39370502991234567890
  BIC         COKSDE33XXX
  Ausfuehrung 04.12.2014

  Transaktion	Einzug-Wiederholung
  Mandat	MM1
  SigDatum 	30.04.2013
  Name          Der Geldhabende
  IBAN		DE71820642281234567890
  Betrag	123,45
  Zweck         Verwendungszweck
  Text		DieZweite
  Text		DieDritte

First debit transfer

If it's the first debit transfer from "Der Geldhabende" you have to use the tool with the option "-tf" to create a transfer file with "FRST"-entries. If you forget this option you get a warning concerning first time entries.

The command line for conversion:
sepa -tf -c Einzug.ctl

As result you get the follwing xml file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Document xmlns="urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:pain.008.002.02"
        <Nm>Karl Max Mustermann</Nm>
        <Nm>Karl Max Mustermann</Nm>
        <InstdAmt Ccy="EUR">123.45</InstdAmt>
          <Nm>Der Geldhabende</Nm>
          <Ustrd>Verwendungszweck DieZweite DieDritte</Ustrd>

Repeating debit transfer

For repeating debit transfers you don't have to change the input file, just for the amount probably, and you get the right pain files for transfer.

In that cases you have to type in the following command:
sepa -c Einzug.ctl